Train Your Brain to Empower Yourself!

We are living uncertain times, and while it’s very important to take the necessary precautions against COVID, not letting fear take over is as important. Fear raises cortisol, and low cortisol weakness the immune system.
So while taking proper precautions during these times, do the things that keep your immune system strong, and train your brain to bypass fear.
Learn to savor little things and happy moments, keep a daily gratitude journal, and really try to feel grateful.
Practice empathy, virtually connect with loved ones and even write to them to show how much you appreciate them. Spend time to help and comfort those around you who are afraid or sick or on the frontline.
Laugh of the funny memes.
If you need to, turn off the news. We all cope differently, and while some of us feel empowered by information, some need to take a mental break. If you need to keep informed, search for science-based discussions from credible medical platforms. But limit that as well, so you can take your mind off of this for a moment.
Make a mask, stitch a sweater, draw a painting, let your creative side get bigger and better.
Try to take your essential grocery walk during a sunny day (with proper precautions of course, everyone wants a piece of that sunny vitamin D for immunity.)
Take a new course, learn something new, read that book you never had time for, strengthen those neuron synapses, you will feel good about yourself!
Train your body too, if you are on our email list, you are probably a New Yorker, and you are still required to look your best, even in that happy hour zoom meeting.
Your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality, so even if you are afraid to go running in the park, imagining doing it, has the same effect on your brain connections.
So imagine to be bold and optimistic, it has more power than you think, and your thoughts produce feelings. Make them be good feelings, the power is within yourself.