February is a month for fun, football, and love! Raise New York and Keeping Memories are partnering this February to encourage brain health by offering:

  •  brain games and mental exercises, like trivia games during Smart Hour;
  • brain friendly drinks packed with flavonoids, polyphenols, and other antioxidants;
  • a safe social scene where friends and lovers can have fun and create new neuronal pathways by anchoring positive emotions and new experiences.
  • Just as practice and repetitions of physical activities make one a better athlete, keeping your brain fit makes you a better thinker, more mindful and happier. Get inspired this season, and become a super version of yourself.



For Valentine’s Day we are organizing an event that is all about showing our brain some love. From casual brain games, to pink carpet step and repeat photo opportunities, sweet surprises, brain friendly drinks and love.


Train your brain, make great memories, and join the fight towards a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.