If it’s February, it’s also time to show your brain some love! Cupids for Brain Health is our February brain health awareness event and a brain fitness campaign that wants you to be a better thinker, more mindful and happier. Channel your inner cupid, and join in the efforts towards helping research for neurodegenerative diseases and memory training.

Join Keeping Memories on Wednesday February 27th 2019, from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the “Edie” (named after Edie Sedgwick) the backroom inside The Factory 380 (380 3rd Ave, New York, NY, 10016). 

We will have some cupid games and quizzes that will train your brain for more fun. Just as practice and repetitions of physical activities make one a better athlete, keeping your brain fit makes you a better version of yourself. And yes, there are also cocktails spiked with extra antioxidants for your neurons. 

Did we mention that you are a helpful cupid for a good cause? With the entire world population aging, neurodegenerative diseases don’t discriminate.  They have a huge impact on the entire family, and most of these diseases have no cure. You can help fundraise for local research labs that could find a way to alleviate cognitive impairment and finish their treatment experiments in the hopes for a cure.

For Cupids season no donation is too big, but a minimum donation will get your name on the invite list and grant you access to the event, which is held at Factory 380 in their private speakeasy, the Edie. Donate here!

Cash bar, delicious cocktail list, great music, and good vibes.

Dress code: red, pink or white, all cupid-related attires are welcomed.

Single or coupled, come raise awareness with us!